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Addressing the demand for great tasting, natural sugar reduction


Proven industry expertise and leadership

Our founders know the stevia sweetener and sugar reduction business.

Before establishing Almendra, they have been active in the industry driving successful Stevia innovation since  2002.

The need began growing for a better tasting stevia and sugar reduction solution. To meet the demand, Almendra created and patented the process to make Steviose 100, the world’s highest purity and cleanest tasting natural stevia extract.

In 2014, a state of-the-art refinery was completed in a free-trade zone of Thailand and sales commenced in 2015.

The company’s team, innovation, IP, and know-how enable it to develop and commercialize industry-leading sweet taste solutions and to deliver flavors with modulating properties that address complex taste challenges of sugar reduced foods and beverages.

 Almendra is driven by the need for the best taste, not the lowest price


Proprietary Taste Technology

The advantages of significant IP and know-how to develop stevia-based taste technology solutions.

Steviose® is a range of stevia leaf extracts with a unique and proprietary process that ensures consistent performance in your flavor systems across a broad range of applications.

Steviarome® are natural flavors with modifying properties (FMP's) and their compositions are covered by a comprehensive license giving customers freedom to operate globally.


Almendra holds a family of issued and pending patents in several areas around stevia refining, growing and taste modulation.


World-class  Manufacturing

Superior products via a reliable supply chain

Almendra was created with the knowledge that stevia and all natural extracts vary with nature. Our team has mastered the exacting production processes needed to eliminate taste and specification variations.

Whilst we are guided by our FSCC, ISO 22000 and HACCP credentials, we understand that clients require more than just certification. As specialists, our people will always try to give an informed and intelligent reply to their supply chain questions.


Steviose is a family of natural leaf-sourced Stevia sweeteners including the world’s highest purity Reb A sweetener.


Steviose 100 is Almendra’s flagship product and is acknowledged as the best tasting stevia available.


Steviarome is a range of natural flavors with modifying properties (FMPs) made from stevia leaf extract. It was developed to enhance or modify taste attributes of flavorings and foods to which they are added.

Depending on the type, Steviarome enhances perceived sweetness, amplifies fruitiness and enhances savory taste attributes.


Steviadex is a cost-effective leaf-sourced range of sweeteners, which is approved in many markets, including the United States, South Korea, Japan and China.

Taste Modulation System G

A newly patented (non-stevia) innovation in the area of taste modulation, this technology modifies, boosts or accentuates desired taste properties.


Especially effective in boosting "mouthfeel", System G can be used with natural or artificially sweetened beverage systems. Natural FMP.



Superior, highly specified stevia extracts and natural taste ingredients 

Almendra has successfully commercialized a specialized portfolio of natural sweetener and flavor ingredients based on stevia. We are already established as a respected innovator in the science and chemistry of taste and sugar reduction.

Our vision is to replace sugar for a healthier world



Tailor made service

Almendra undertakes discreet projects to deliver customized and exclusive natural sweetener and flavor solutions for customers.


Our highly experienced team of industry specialists provide a personalized, custom experience from start to finish.

Almendra are experts in the creation and manufacturing of confidential ingredients for use in the flavor industry.

Approved for use as a natural flavor in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the EU and other markets



is at the core of our business ethos

The Ecosystem

Almendra seeks to provide a net positive benefit to the people and communities in which it operates.

The Environment

Almendra is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment throughout the supply chain. Our stevia suppliers use leaves that are grown, processed, and distributed in a manner that has a significantly lower carbon and water footprint than other natural mass volume sweeteners; and...

Public Health

Almendra's development of a specialty natural ingredient business is providing consumers with better access to reduced calorie food and beverage options.


A Trustworthy and Reliable Supply Chain

Focus on Service

Almendra is not all things to all people.


We are specialists in the manufacturing and supply of food ingredients and do nothing else. As such we understand the requirements and complexities of the food and beverage industry.


We have warehouses in  St. Louis, MO (U.S.), Amsterdam (Netherlands) & Rayong (Thailand). 

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