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Our vision is to replace sugar for a healthier world

Proven Industry Expertise
Not all things to all people

Almendra intends to be the leader in nature-based taste and sugar reduction ingredients. Building upon expertise in stevia, our success relies upon our ability to deliver consistently superior and innovative products.


  • Experienced team

  • Proprietary taste technology

  • Manufacturing excellence

  • Innovative agricultural approach with its patented photobiology process 

Headquartered in Singapore, Almendra manufacturers its products in a modern, purpose-designed factory in a free trade zone in Thailand.


Our innovation is global in scope and facilitated by scientists and laboratories in the US and Thailand.

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Sweet Taste & Clean Labels
How can we help you?

Almendra is a specialist developer, producer and marketer of high purity natural stevia extracts and flavor modulators.


Focused on sugar reduction and taste enhancement solutions, we exist to meet global food and beverage industry needs for great tasting, natural, clean label solutions that are better for you and for the environment.

Almendra avoids the commoditized stevia market segments and continues to focus on specialized and tailor-made solutions.

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A Purpose Driven Company

Our business is grounded in sustainability. It aligns us with the growing consumer preference for natural ingredients.

Our sustainability commitment is built on three main pillars: 


  • The Ecosystem: The company seeks to provide a net positive benefit to the people and communities in which it operates. 


  • The Environment: We seek to minimize our impact on the environment throughout the supply chain. Specifically, the company’s stevia suppliers use leaves that are grown, processed, and distributed in a manner that has a significantly lower carbon and water footprint than other natural mass volume sweeteners.  


  • Public Health: The natural ingredient business is providing consumers with better access to reduced calorie F&B options.

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