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Product quality and service are more than having the right certifications. It is our passion.


Probably the World's Best Stevia Refinery

Highest purity refining capability (99.5% pure RebA)

Almendra's state-of-the-art refinery in Thailand was designed by scientists and engineers who know stevia inside out. 
Our team has mastered the exacting production processes needed to consistently deliver to the quality expectations of its clients.
Impurities can cause taste deficiencies in Stevia. Almendra's Steviose® 100 is made by a patented process which all but eliminates impurities, yielding the cleanest tasting Reb A on the market today.
Almendra's excellence in manufacturing is part of our commitment to a seamless supply chain experience. Warehouses in Europe, Asia  and the USA offer greater order flexibility for clients.

 A Revolutionary Stevia

Growing Program

Coming soon...

Almendra has patented an innovative new method based on greenhouse photobiology technology for growing stevia at commercial scale year-around as a perennial rather than an annual crop.


Almendra is currently planning to implement the patented growing technology outside of China.

This will allow our clients to have an alternative sourced origin.

Stevia leaves (selective focus; detailed
Plastic bottles of assorted carbonated s

Taste Modulation System G

(coming in 2022...)

An innovative new technology to enhance "mouthfeel" in sugar-reduced beverages

In 2019, Almendra filed for a patent for an innovative new technology to enhance "mouthfeel" in sugar-reduced beverages.


Taste Modulation System G™ improves several taste aspects in beverages which use natural high intensity sweeteners (HIS) such as stevia, but also those using aspartame, sucralose and other artificial HIS.


Taste Modulation System G™ has been found to improve maximal sweetness response and reduce any licorice-like or bitter off-notes.

It also demonstrates improvements in sweetness onset and mitigates any lingering sweetness.


Cost-effective and "natural", our Taste Modulation System G™ offers a new scientific tool for all beverage developers.

We create and manufacture botanically sourced, high purity ingredients that deliver consistent clean taste and allow a clean label that is attractive to consumers.

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GMO and Allergen-free 

Our products are all GM (bio-engineered) free and comply with the latest certification requirements. No recognized allergens are used.

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Certified Facility

A FSSC 22000, HACCP and GMP certified facility. Certifications from Bureau Veritas available on request. Our plant has passed numerous audits from clients.


We view these as positive learning exercises.

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Proprietary Process.
Real Leaves.

Almendra products are all from 100% extracts of stevia. We do not use bio-engineered routes.