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Highest-purity Stevia Available 
Steviose® 100
Clean sweetness without bitter notes or aftertaste

Zero calorie stevia sweetener range made with a proprietary process.

Steviose® is a family of natural leaf-sourced Stevia sweeteners, including Steviose® 100 — the world’s highest purity rebaudioside A. It is viewed as the best tasting and commercially viable stevia available by leading FMCG and flavor companies.
Steviose® 100, our flagship product, delivers clean sweetness without bitter notes or licorice aftertaste and is best suited for deep calorie reductions and demanding applications. It competes well with both ex-leaf and non-leaf rebaudioside M in beverages.
The product range also includes less specified grades to meet lower cost-in-use targets.

Steviose® is leaf sourced, non-GMO, Kosher and Halal certified extract and complies with the JECFA specifications for stevia sweeteners.

Steviarome® Natural Flavors
Enhances perceived sweetness, amplifies fruitiness
and enhances savory taste attributes

Steviarome® is a range of natural flavors with modifying properties (FMPs) made from Stevia Rebaudiana B. (stevia) leaf extract. It was developed by Almendra to enhance, or modify, taste attributes of flavorings and foods to which they are added.


FMPs may not have, or impart, a specific characteristic flavor of their own, but can modify the flavor profile by intensifying, or reducing, specific flavor characteristics, making off-notes, or bitterness, or changing the time onset and duration of the perception of specific aspects of the flavor profile.

Almendra has a global license to make and distribute Steviarome®.

Depending on the type, Steviarome® enhances perceived sweetness, amplifies fruitiness and savory taste attributes.

Steviarome® is leaf sourced, non-GMO, Kosher and Halal certified.

Combine with Steviose® 100, Steviose® TSG 095 or Steviose® TSG 100 for deeper sugar reduction.

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Taste Modulation System G™
Coming Soon!

Almendra will soon broaden into a wider complimentary specialty of natural and taste ingredients.

We've developed and patented specialized ingredients that can be used to address the consumer need for improved “mouthfeel” and “sweetness linger” in calorie reduced beverages that we call System G™. The ingredient has achieved a FEMA GRAS status.

It is not stevia based but its mechanism of action relies on unique mineral blends.

Contact us to learn more about this new and innovative product.

Steviadex Stevia-based FMPs
A low-cost solution to taste enhancement

Steviadex™ is a highly cost-effective stevia-based Flavor with Modulating Properties (FMPs) which is approved for sale in many Asian F&B markets that do not follow FEMA and EFSA regulatory guidelines.


While the principle use of Steviadex™ is in dietary supplements, it has also found value in specialist applications such as piglet weaning formulations where it promotes feeding.


Stevia Rebaudiana - natural sweetener cl

We develop and manufacture superior, highly specified stevia extracts and other botanically sourced ingredients to enhance taste and reduce sugar.

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"Natural Flavor"

Obtained exclusively by physical and enzymatic processes from stevia leaf extract compliant with the FEMA, EFFA and IOFI definition of natural flavors. The material may be labeled as “Natural Flavor”.

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  • Lower fruit content in drinks

  • Enhance sugar taste by up to 3ºBx

  • Lower added sugar by up to 3ºBx

  • Boost maltitol, lactitol, isomalt, fructo-oligosaccharide, erythritol and allulose sweetners

  • Reduce flavor dosages in fruit preps

  • Eliminate sugar in savory sauces and dressings

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Regulatory Status
  • Approved for use as a natural flavor in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the EU and other markets

  • Non-GMO, Kosher & Halal Certified

  • Organic-compliant in accordance with the USDA and Canadian Organic Standards

  • Produced in allergen-free environment

  • Ready for use in alcoholic beverages

  • Specific regulatory statements available on request

Steviose® and Steviarome® product families are approved for use in consumer products across all major markets.

However, it is strongly advised to seek specialized regulatory advice for specific needs and markets.